Just seconds a day to support your dog’s joints, digestion, energy, coat and overall great health…

Give Your Dog a Scoop of THESE Greens… And They’ll Lick the Bowl Clean!

Click the video to see how to boost your dog’s health & energy in just seconds a day!

Nobody gives you so much and asks for so little in return as your loyal dog.

Think about it…

In exchange for a healthy diet, clean water, a daily walk and some belly rubs, and a safe place to sleep…

You get nearly endless, unconditional love.

A wagging tail, a slobbery kiss on the cheek, and an energetic greeting the minute you walk through the door.

Your pooch only wants to please you, bring a smile to your face and brighten your mood.

And let’s face it – you’re probably doing a lot to make sure your dog stays healthy and strong. So you can enjoy every minute – with more energy, less discomfort and the sparkle in his eyes you remember from the moment you brought him home.

But if you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered… am I doing enough?

After all, your dog can’t choose his own diet – that’s up to you.

So if you’re thinking…

Can I support his health and protect him, without upending my life and spending a fortune?

      • Ease aches and pains
      • Bring back that “puppy energy”
      • Support healthy digestion and a shiny coat…
      • Guard against the toxins all around him, the same ones you worry about for your own health…
      • Help make sure he enjoys the long, healthy and happy life he deserves.
      • And while we’re at it… tackle dreaded “dog breath,” nighttime gassiness or upset doggie tummy?!

Truth be told, there is a way – and we’re so pleased to announce a brand-new, carefully crafted and guaranteed “lick the bowl clean” secret to support your pup in just seconds a day…

Patriot Greens for Dogs® the “Sprinkle & Serve” Way to Boost Your Dog’s Health Every Day

If your dog could create a supplement shopping list, this would be on it.

Because it combines the very best nature has to offer a healthy dog for total body support, tail-wagging energy and drool-worthy delicious flavor, all in a single scoop.

This premium supplement formula is designed for dogs using only human grade ingredients, and it has it all…

  • Protein blend of Lentein®, beef and pumpkin

  • Organic fruits & berries

  • Organic green vegetables like kale, spinach and parsley

  • Organic mixed vegetables like sweet potato and carrot

  • Collagen blend from beef and chicken

  • Sea vegetable blend of kombu, nori & wakame

  • Dog-friendly probiotics

  • Dog-friendly digestive enzymes

  • Plus turmeric for antioxidant support

Just a scoop a day adds the perfect boost to your dog’s diet, and you don’t have to change food!

Wet or dry, bought from the vet or store, or completely homemade… whatever your dog already loves to eat, adding Patriot Greens for Dogs makes it instantly healthier in a snap.

You’re Not Replacing Your Dog’s Food – You’re Powering it Up!

With Patriot Greens for Dogs®, you’re not just delivering a healthy power boost of nourishing vegetables, probiotics, berries and more.

You’re also making your dog’s current food even tastier, with a natural cheese flavor that dogs go crazy for.

In fact, you’ll be happy that the lid on the Patriot Greens for Dogs canister twists off gently, without making a sound…

Because if your dog could hear it open… you might be looking at a stampede!

Boosting your dog’s diet with a delicious nutrition foundation, and adding key support for a shiny coat, worry-free digestion, comfortable joints and more, couldn’t be simpler.

It takes just a few seconds.

And it’s as easy as 1-2-3…

1. Choose the dosage based on your dog’s weight. Sprinkle right on your dog’s regular food. (Wet or dry)
2. Give it a stir, or leave it on top. No need to add water or anything else.
3. Serve it up and watch your dog lick the bowl clean!

There’s no chopping. No prep work. We’ve done all the careful blending and ingredient selection for you.

So there’s no fuss and believe me, there’s no mess – your dog will lap up every last crumb.

And all you have to do is enjoy watching your dog’s health shine through, each and every day.

It’s time to bring back that puppy you remember… without the chewing and the house training!

Keeping Your Dog in the Best of Health Shouldn’t Be So Confusing…

We all want the same thing, when it comes down to it. To give our dogs the best we can manage, the most nutrition possible, so our time with our precious pups lasts as long as it can.

But why does knowing what to feed your dog have to be so difficult?

Some “experts” recommend grain-free food. Others say only raw food will do. Wet, dry, kibbles or cans… or even preparing your dog’s dinner from scratch each day.

So which is it?

Ask 5 vets to recommend a food and you’ll probably get 5 different answers.

But what they’d all agree on is simple – your dog needs a wide variety of nutrients, supportive ingredients that are easy on the tummy.

With careful attention to supporting proper digestion, detoxification, and a way to fight back against some of the same rigors of aging you and I face each day.

Think about yourself for a second.

Our joints need support. As we age, our energy starts to dip. And just as our skin loses some of its luster and gets drier as the years pass by…

Your dog is facing the same challenges too – only faster!

Because a dog’s metabolism is so much speedier, nutrient challenges show up quicker. But the good news is: changes for the better make a difference fast too.

Now, instead of searching high and low for the “perfect” food, just choose a quality meal your dog enjoys, and make it even healthier… with Patriot Greens for Dogs!

At Patriot Health Alliance, we’re a small, family-owned American company filled with folks who are passionate about health, and our dogs.

And we’ve got a bunch in our family, from labs to pound pups, big and small, puppies and canine “senior citizens.”

All we want is to give them the best of health, just as you do for the dogs that make your house a home.

Years of Experience in the World of Nutritious Greens

We know a thing or two when it comes to the nutrient power of fruits and veggies – and it all began with a nutrient boost for aging soldiers.

The launch of Patriot Power Greens™ several years ago started a “greens revolution,” helping old soldiers keep up with the “young bucks” in their units, and it soon spread to health conscious folks all across this country.

It didn’t take long before the reviews came in – more energy and vitality, fewer aches and pains, and the peace of mind knowing you could enjoy a delicious boost of nutrition each day, even when your diet wasn’t 100% perfect.

Then, as the science made it clear that aging bodies could truly benefit from easily digestible protein…

And the powerful support for joints, skin, hair and more that collagen provides…

We added Patriot Power Protein™ to our lineup.

And folks went wild for it!

Still, as we were making ourselves and our customers healthier and happier, we had to stop and wonder… what about our dogs?

Especially when the questions and requests from our loyal customers started to roll in…

Couldn’t their dogs benefit from the same type of sound nutrient foundation, from leafy greens, vibrant fruits, probiotics, protein, collagen and more?

Of course they could. So we got to work…

The Best of Patriot Power Greens + Patriot Power Protein, But Made Specifically for Dogs

We started with a long list of ingredients, all the nutrient-packed power of our best-selling Patriot Power Greens and Patriot Power Protein, and laid it all out on the table.

Then, we carefully whittled it away, removing those things that just aren’t right for your dog (not everything that’s healthy for you works the same for your pup)…

And after consulting with veterinary scientists and expert formulators, we added dog-friendly ingredients that specifically support joint health, digestion, a shiny coat, and more…

Even something to cut that “dog breath” that may have you thinking twice about accepting that doggie kiss he so wants to give you when you walk through the door!

It was time to create a powerful nutrient boost for your dog, something you’ll feel good about giving… like the health protection you’d give yourself.

The Result – a 31-in-1 Supplement Formula To Make Every Dog’s Mealtime Healthier Than Before

Organic Green Vegetables

Organic kale, organic parsley and organic spinach provide alkaline support, inflammation support and help boost your dog’s digestion. Organic broccoli delivers immune support, and organic parley helps freshen your dog’s breath.

Colorful, Delicious Fruits & Berries

Organic apple, blueberry, cranberry & papaya deliver a rich array of antioxidants and phytonutrients, for healthy aging – and your dog will love them.

Strength & Stamina from Nature's Best Proteins

Patriot Greens for Dogs combines easy-on-the-tummy pumpkin protein with the beef protein your dog craves, along with a unique vegetable protein called Lentein, brimming with omega-3 fatty acids and chlorophyll, for detoxification.

A Specially Designed Canine Digestive Blend

We’ve combined dog-friendly probiotics and digestive enzymes with prebiotic organic agave inulin, to help dogs break down food, and support the health of your dog’s gut (and spare you the doggy “toots” we’ve all experienced…). Supports firmer stools and regularity too.

Sea Vegetable Blend

You’re probably missing out of some of the most prized power plant foods of the Far East… and so is your dog. Patriot Greens for Dogs includes a blend of kombu, wakame, and nori for some of the most unique energy and nutritional support the world has to offer… without ever leaving home!

"Super" Spirulina

A good source of iron and dietary calcium, spirulina helps boost your dog’s detoxification powers. It’s truly a “wonder food” that even NASA has studied for its nutritional power – though it’s great for dogs back here on Earth too!

Collagen Joint Support

Topping your dog’s food with Patriot Greens for Dogs delivers a combination of beef and chicken collagen and gelatin, supporting healthy joints, bone, skin and muscles. Collagen plays a critical role in keeping connective tissues like ligaments and tendons flexible and strong.

And so much more!

This is full body, tip-to-tail, "perky as a puppy" energy support, cleansing detox power and a digestive and joint health boost you’d be hard pressed to get from any one food, no matter how much you spend or where you track it down.

Because it’s not a food at all. It’s a dog-food nutrient booster, a super supplement every dog deserves, to stay strong and active… even if he’s a little gray around the muzzle (or especially if he is!). Our dogs are just as challenged by the nutrient depleted soils our foods grow in, and the chemical maze we’re faced to walk through each day – probably more so. They’re simply not getting enough power nutrition each day. But with Patriot Greens for dogs...

Now Your Dog Will Get All These Power Foods…In a Single, Simple, Delicious Powder!

And Just As Important, Here’s What Your Dog Won’t Get…

Patriot Power Greens is made WITH all the things you want… and WITHOUT the things you don’t. You can count on:

  • NO grains

  • NO soy

  • NO eggs

  • NO shellfish

  • And NO hard to digest grasses either

Leafy greens and chlorophyll-rich ingredients are important for the long-term health of your dog… but only if they’re the right ones.

Patriot Greens for Dogs was created using only ingredients carefully selected for easy digestion. Greens with too much cellulose fiber like wheat grass, barley grass or chlorella are just not digested.

Dogs cannot break open the thick cell walls, and this can cause stomach upset. (No dog wants that – and believe me, neither do you!).

But easily digestible greens deliver more nutrients into the blood, so they circulate to cells and tissues. And that goes for all the fruits and veggies in Patriot Greens for Dogs – we leave out those with high levels of cellulose, so there’s no worries about digestive issues at all.

Includes Chlorophyll-Rich Ingredients –Here’s Why That’s Important

Dogs (like people) need protection from modern life. We’ve brought them into our modern world and how do we thank them? By surrounding them with toxins.

Your dog needs extra protective power to help reduce the impact of their environment. Remember, their metabolisms are fast, so both positive and negative changes appear more quickly.

You know things like cleaning products and even carpet fibers can give off noxious vapors. But you’re just standing on them. Imagine you spent your days with your nose just a couple feet off the floor… and then slept the day away right on top of them!

But we designed Patriot Greens for Dogs with detox top of mind. Sea vegetables are rich in chlorophyll, but do not have a cellulose wall. The same is true with spirulina.

Kale, parsley and Lentein also provide chlorophyll, but their cellulose content is very low (2-10%) and the cell wall is not as thick or strong, so it is more easily digested.

This detox effect can be beneficial against mold (especially in dog food), ground contaminants, in-home toxins, lawn toxins, oxidation, and aids in support for the colon and liver.

Chlorophyll is also alkalizing, anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant boost too. It’s easy to see why if you’re not already giving your dog a chlorophyll-rich supplement… you should!

Picky Eater Ate It Up Immediately!

Image of Five Stars

“Our pup is pretty picky, and doesn't immediately eat everything that's put in front of her, but when we sprinkled Patriot Greens for Dogs on her food the first time, she ate it all immediately! Now it's become a regular part of her meals. We're so glad she's getting all these vital nutrients that will help keep her in great health."*

Charley's Running Through the Yard Pain-Free!

Image of Five Stars

“I started getting worried about Charley’s joint health last year when he turned 10 — he walking down the stairs with his hips crooked.

But now that he takes Patriot Power Greens everyday, I have peace of mind — because he can run through the yard pain-free. He loves chasing squirrels & rabbits and he doesn’t seem so stiff anymore. He just smiles."*

Noticeably Improved Energy

Image of Five Stars

“I’ve been testing Greens for Dogs with my two pups for only a couple weeks, and they LOVE it. My younger dog, a 6-year old lab mix, had terribly dry skin and flakes in his coat. I’ve given him fish oil and a healthy diet for a long time now, but nothing has changed. But after a week with Greens for Dogs… no flakes! My 9-year-old lab has more energy, definitely noticeable. And they both love the taste – I just sprinkle it on and they both start drooling!"*

Check Out Our Own Patriot Pups - the First Patriot Greens for Dogs "Test Group"

Sweet Sweets

After seeing how much your dog would benefit from the daily nutrient boost of Patriot Greens for Dogs…

With puppy-like energy and a new spring in his step…

A shiny coat and itch-free skin…

Worry-free digestion…

Strong joints and bones…

And added detox power to help beat back the challenges of our toxic world…

And now that you know that protecting your pup takes only seconds a day, without changing your dog’s food, with just a scoop and a stir…

And how carefully each ingredient was selected, with a special focus on digestion, joint health, detoxification and so much more…

You’re really going to love this superfood for your pup.

But you don’t have to take our word for it…

Man & Dog Alike Rave About Their Greens For Dogs

Thousands of customers have trusted Patriot Health Alliance products. And they're always coming back for more.

Folks are happy – and now your pups will be too!

Just like Chug, a 13-year-old pug who's back to climbing the stairs every day:

No More Death Breath For My Pup

Image of Five Stars

"I have a 13 year old Chug (Chihuahua/Pug) whose breath was like something died. When I read all of the benefits the Patriot Greens for Dogs, I decided to give it a go, especially because of the benefits I receive from the Power Greens with my health, I figured my Chug might be able to have a more comfortable elderly life.

After the first day of using the Patriot Greens for Dogs, his breath went from death breath to just regular dog breath, and he seems to have more energy getting up and down the stairs and acting more playful.

As an added bonus, there seems to be a decline in his shedding, so we are definitely pleased with our results in our dog’s overall health after placing him on the Greens."

Like Father, Like Dog

Image of Five Stars

"My dogs refuse to tell me either way if the Greens for Dogs is doing them any good or not. However, I can tell you they lick their bowls clean. Actually before I purchased this product I read the ingredients listed on the label; and I saw that many of the same products that are in the Greens I use every day are in my dogs Greens. I kinda figure that if I eat it, it should be good for my dogs."

He's Acting Like a Puppy!

Image of Five Stars

"I started my 10 year old Terri-tzu on Greens about a week ago. He gobbled it down on his food-unusual for one not usually food-driven. (Read that as picky eater).

Now he’s running around and asking to play catch like when he was 3!

I work from home-all the time, not just since COVID-19. He knows when I’m due to sign off the computer and has all his toys in semi-circle behind my chair. He doesn’t care which one we play with, as long as we play. We have a 30-minute play date after work every evening. Love having my puppy back!"

Poco, age 10

You’re probably wondering…

OK… How Much Does It Cost?

By now you’re probably dying to get your paws on a canister or more of the all-new Patriot Greens for Dogs.

Great news: you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get ‘em!

Every dog deserves this added nutrient protection, so we had to make Patriot Greens for Dogs affordable for anyone.

So while Patriot Greens for Dogs is valued at $49.95 per canister (a full 30-day supply for the average sized dog), for a limited time you can get it for $39.95… an instant $10 savings. (No limit but prices only good while supplies last.)

And you’ll get an even bigger discount if you stock up.

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Dogs do some awfully strange things. But why… and does it mean there’s a problem?

In this exclusive digital report, you’ll learn:

  • Why dogs eat grass – is it a nutrient deficiency, upset stomach or something else?

  • Why dogs tear things apart – “Who ripped up this roll of toilet paper?!

  • Is “butt dragging” a time to call the vet?

  • The real reason dogs greet each other with a sniff on the rear end.

  • The truth behind myths like “dogs are color blind,” “a cold nose means healthy” and so much more!

This is one of our favorite reports, valued at $19.95. But today you’ll get it FREE with your Patriot Greens for Dogs.


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Even if you’re feeding commercial dog food instead of making your own, few “dog people” can resist sneaking a treat or two to their best friend, straight from the table.

But what’s safe for your dog to eat?

And what can cause real problems… nausea, vomiting… even death!

This critically important digital guide identifies the absolute worst things you can feed your dog, and lists the best things you can share… especially when those “puppy eyes” are staring back at you as you eat.

It’s a $19.95 value, but truthfully, this information is priceless. And it’s yours FREE with your Best Deal stock-up.

FREE Patriotic Pups Bandana 
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If you’re like us, you love your dog AND your country. Why should your dog miss out on a chance to show his or her American pride?

Now your dog can strut his stuff wearing the stars & stripes, whether it’s July 4th, Flag Day, Veterans Day or any day that could use a lift from a patriotic pup!

And please… when you get your Patriotic Pup Bandana, snap a picture of your dog wearing it and share it with us. We’d love to add it to our growing wall of Patriot Greens for Dogs fans, right here at Patriot Health Alliance HQ!

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EXTRA FREE BONUS: Donations for Active Duty Military, Veterans (and Service Dogs Too!)

This last FREE gift is more of a “nice gesture” than a gift. As big supporters of our military, we want to help the men and women who defend our great country by helping them, any way we can.

So with each purchase of 3 or 5 canisters, we’ll make a donation to Pets for Vets, a remarkable service organization that matches returning soldiers who need service animals with shelter dogs that need a home.

With every match, two lives are saved – a homeless dog gets trained to be a service animal, and a veteran who needs assistance brings home a loving companion.

Our Patriot Greens for Dogs and monetary donations to Pets for Vets are something we’re awfully proud of, so we thank you for helping us make a difference in soldiers’ lives.

And for helping save these down on their luck, loving dogs too.

This is just one way we donate to active duty and veterans charities all year long – thanks to customers like you. Your purchase today also helps support organizations like Fisher House Foundation, Hire Heroes and The Soldier’s Project.

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You should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny.

And while you surely want to do everything you can to protect and support your dog’s health, even the best intentions fall flat if your pooch turns up his nose at even trying Patriot Greens for Dogs…

So we offer this IRON-CLAD guarantee so you don’t risk a single penny.

Even if you’ve got the pickiest pooch on the planet, if you try Patriot Greens for Dogs and the bowl doesn’t come back licked clean… we want it back, no hard feelings.

Your 100% Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee

This is a no-questions asked, lifetime guarantee. If you (or your dog) don’t like Patriot Greens for Dogs for any reason, simply send it back to us and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

Take as much time as you need to try Power Greens for Dogs once it arrives. Your money-back guarantee never expires… even if you’re down to the very last scoop in the last canister!

And you can also keep the FREE reports & FREE Patriot Pup Bandana as a “thank you” for giving Patriot Greens for Dogs a try.

Take a Moment to Picture This… It’s Important

Imagine you’ve just returned home from your morning walk. Your dog looks up at you, tail wagging…

Ready to start the day. With more energy than you’ve seen in some time.

You wouldn’t know he’s not a puppy anymore, with the sparkle in his eyes and the way he bounds down the front hallway to greet you.

As you prepare his food, you take a few seconds to sprinkle some added Patriot Greens for Dogs nutrition over the bowl… and you can see right away… he can’t wait to dig in.

You can barely get the bowl down before he’s happily lapping it up, pausing only to look up for a second to wonder… will there be seconds?

In a moment, the bowl’s licked clean, and you see how the sun coming through the window shines off his coat…

How he’s not only feeling young and strong… he looks that way too!

And you’re feeling good to, knowing you’re doing all you can to keep your dog healthy no matter how old he is.

With more energy, more time for playing.

You didn’t think something this simple would do much but heck, you thought you’d give it a try. And now?

Now you have to admit… it’s amazing to see the improvements, right before your eyes.

How just a few seconds a day can make this kind of difference. Especially when there’s no chopping, no dicing, no fussing and no question… he loves it!

It’s a human-grade health boost for your dog without the hassle, and a difference you can see.

Give Your Dog the Healthy Life He Deserves

This could be you, your home… your dog. And faster than you might think. And doesn’t he deserve it?

Of course he does.

Imagine a life where you…

      • See boundless “puppy energy” flowing through your dog
      • Return to long games of fetch, or an energetic walk around the block
      • Enjoy dog park adventures without worry about aches and stiffness
      • Picture a shiny coat, less flaky skin or itches, and even less shedding
      • Receive happy doggy kisses without that awful “death breath”
      • See a return to worry-free digestion, for powerful nutrient absorption and glowing health
      • Know you’re giving back for all the love and companionship you get, each and every day!

With a scoop of Patriot Greens for Dogs in your dog’s bowl, you can help guarantee your dog’s glowing good health, for years to come…

Remember all you need to do click the “Start My Order” button and your Greens will be on the way to your door, fast.

As of today, inventory is still available. When you order you will instantly receive an order confirmation. We will rush your Patriot Greens for Dogs to you and you’ll get a shipment tracking number as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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